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Friday, February 10, 2012

Starting Pitching & Friday Links

I haven't had a lot to say this week. There's been no major Twins news, so I'm realizing that, with the exception of a few minor things here or there, the current roster is what we're taking to Spring Training, and what we'll open the season with. I'm comfortable -- or about as comfortable as you can be, given last year -- with the offense. Sure, it probably won't be as good as it was in 2010, but it could have a lot more speed. I'm uncomfortable -- or about as uncomfortable as you can be, given last year -- with the starting pitching.

By all accounts, Roy Oswalt is still available. I don't know what it would take to get him in a Twins uniform this year, but I sure hope that Terry Ryan is at the very least working the phones. last reported that there was little progress in an Oswalt-Red Sox deal, but that the Cardinals and Rangers were also in the mix. Sounds like Oswalt wants to play for a contender. Oswalt alone won't make the Twins the AL Central champs in 2012, but, if healthy, he probably will add a few more wins over what we can expect from Jason Marquis or Nick Blackburn. I know he's not the same pitcher he was back in the mid-2000s, but I'd take a chance on him, and whatever he wants to be paid, in order to make this team better immediately. Starting pitching -- an obvious weakness in 2011 that fans hoped would be addressed -- simply has not improved. In fact, it may have gotten worse with Marquis, but only time will tell. Out of all the players that are available, and that would make a big difference for the Twins in 20120, Roy Oswalt is worth Terry Ryan making the "3 block walk" for financial approval.

Now, onto a few links. As I mentioned, this was a quiet week for me. Luckily, other great writers had much to say on the Twins and baseball in general. Here are a few of my favorites:

NoDak Twins Fan compares the timelines of Justin Morneau's and Sidney Crosby's concussions.

The Tenth Inning Stretch has done a great job tracking Roy Oswalt's job prospects.

Wally Fish, over at Seedlings to Stars, published his 2012 Twins Prospect List. It's a great list with excellent analysis!

If you haven't yet, make your season predictions for such things as Twins hitter and pitcher of the year, rookie of the year, and breakout/surprise offensive player of the year over at Seth Speaks.

I would love to see a Twins fan win the MLB Fan Cave contest for the 2012 season, and our own Lindsay Guentzel would do a great job. Here are more details from the Knuckleballs crew on Lindsay's Fan Cave entry, and here's the link to vote for her.

Happy Friday, and Happy Weekend!


  1. I'll be shocked if the Twins sign Oswalt. While they must know the risk they are taking with starting pitching, I have a difficult time seeing them investing much more in this team until they see what they are getting for the dollars they have already invested. Although much of the health news is promising, it could all go bad in a hurry once they get on the field.