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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The New Britain Rock Cats and Affiliation: Part II

I'm partial, of course, but am hoping
to still see this logo in New Britain
next season
Last week, I wrote about an interesting promotion whereby Rock Cats fans could meet New York Mets prospects prior to a game held at New Britain Stadium in an event arranged by the Rock Cats organization. Between the facts that the Rock Cats are under new ownership this season, the Rock Cats-Twins affiliation agreement is set to expire after this season, and the Binghamton Mets are looking for a new home, some eyebrows were raised.

This afternoon, John Willi, President of the Rock Cats, did a Q & A session on Twitter for Rock Cats fans. I asked a question concerning the relationship with the Twins, and clearly I wasn't the only person curious about this subject. There were a couple other similar questions, as well. Here were the pertinent questions and answers on this subject:

Q: Thus far, how have you enjoyed having the Twins as a parent club, and how has the relationship been?


  1. Thanks
    I am 100% positive that he would not had replied any other way at this part of the season... Ask the same questions come November ;)