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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the Topic of Spring Training

This winter in Connecticut we had more snow - - a lot more, in fact - - than in any year since I have lived here. Starting around the beginning of January, I started saying to myself (internally, hopefully), "pitchers and catchers on February 17." When that day finally arrived, it felt nice to begin reading news dealing with actual on-the-field baseball, and it began to feel like the regular season, and green grass, would be here in no time.

It was also exciting when spring training games began. I have enjoyed reading LaVelle E. Neal's columns, and especially Seth Stohs' excellent, detailed recap of his spring training trip. Check it out. Although I enjoy reading almost anything about the Twins, including their minor league players, I have reached the point of saturation with respect to my actual interest in spring training.

In other words, I'm ready for opening day. I suppose that makes me impatient. While the players may need more at-bats, more innings pitched, and more time to let warts heal (aside: regardless of whether you like Michael Cuddyer, I think we can all agree that it is not good to have Google prepopualte the word "wart" after your name is entered), I am ready to be in regular season mode, which, for me, generally consists of having the Twins Radio Network feed on my computer, unless the team is playing the Red Sox, Yankees or Mets. Perhaps I would feel different if I were in Florida right now.

Long story short, my new mantra is "April 1."

Finally, a couple links that I enjoyed: Corey, over at AL Central In Focus, had an excellent analysis of the Twins bullpen.

Nick Nelson, over at Nick's Twins Blog, is doing a position-by-position analysis of the Twins, and today featured Justin Morneau, with Nick's predicted hitting line for our Canadian slugger.

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