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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keep Ben Revere

Granted, it's a somewhat small sample size, but I want the Twins to keep Ben Revere with the big boys, on a permanent basis. What can't he do? Throw, apparently, is the answer. I'm more concerned with his attributes: great speed in the outfield; speed on the basepaths; the ability to hit for average; good bunting skills. That's actually a pretty good ballplayer.

The 2011 Twins have grappled with an array of injuries at all positions, pitchers, infielders and outfielders. At the very least, even if all of the "original" opening day starting 9 are healthy, I want Ben Revere as the reserve outfielder, the pinch runner, or that guy that needs to reach base in late innings. He has proven that he is major league ready. Will he make the 2012 MLB All-Star team? Probably not. Can he contribute in a variety of ways, immediately? Absolutely.

I have nothing against Jason Repko. He has been a great 4th or 5th outfielder, making several very good defensive plays in 2010 and 2011. The Twins have him at a pretty good price, too. But he lacks certain intangibles that Ben Revere has: great speed on the basepaths, bunting ability, and a Minnesota Twins future that should be developed . . . while playing for the Minnesota Twins. Simply stated, Repko is as good as he is going to be; Revere is already as good, and has room for improvement. I also believe, without resorting to a detailed statistical analysis, that Revere can make up any runs or bases he gives up as a result of a supbar arm, with runs he can score or bases he can advance as a direct result of his speed and baserunning ability.

If Delmon Young is hitting, if Denard Span is healthy, and if Michael Cuddyer/Jason Kubel are both hitting and healthy, Ben Revere could see limited play. I wait for that confluence of events to take place. Young may not be with the Twins in a month, and there have been reports that either Cuddyer, Kubel, or both, may be available. This all depends on whether the June Twins decide to win many games. Regardless, Revere is a cheaper, and at least equivalent alternative, to Repko. Although he lacks power, the Twins have plenty of guys (Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Cuddyer, Thome, Young, Valencia) that should be hitting 15 or more HR each. In the case of Revere, I am willing to exchange a lack of power and an outfield arm for youth, speed, and batting/bunting ability. Let's give the kid a chance.


  1. I agree. Let's start a revolution. Free Ben Revere!!!

  2. NoDak, thanks for the comment! We do need to start a movement for Revere!

  3. During the offseason, I advocated for more speed in the OF. I wanted it then, I don't want to lose it now.