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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Twins & Rock Cats' Ownership: BFFs

I happened to catch an interview on WTIC radio with Rock Cats' owner Josh Solomon on my way home from work this evening. A few of Solomon's comments directly relate to other things I have written in the last couple weeks (and, really, this blog), so I wanted to pass along some of his words, insofar as they relate to the Twins-Rock Cats affiliation.

  • Not surprisingly, the Twins organization had no role in the negotiations to move the Rock Cats from New Britain to Hartford. The Twins were, however, aware of Solomon's intent, and supported it.
  • When asked about the Rock Cats' future with the Twins, Solomon stated that he would be looking to renew the player development contract. More than that, Solomon said that he envisioned having the Twins affiliate in the new ballpark, thus indicating an intent to keep the affiliation at least through the 2016 season (the first in the new stadium).
  • When Joe D'Ambrosio asked "what if the Twins tell you this summer that they want to move on, want to be closer to MN or Rochester," Solomon replied, "they'd have a tough fight on their hands" -- as in, a tough fight to sever the relationship.
So there you have it. No, nothing's set in stone yet. And if the last few days have taught me anything, it's that minor league baseball in Connecticut is a business first and foremost. That being said, it sounds like both sides -- the Twins and the Rock Cats' ownership group -- are happy with the current relationship. I'll pass along any other news either here on the blog, or on twitter.

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  1. Hearing Erin Stewart is looking to bring in a new team for 2015 to retaliate for leaving New Britain. They can break the contract and bring someone else in. Would need a one year filler for a stadium before transition to Hartford 2016.