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Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Miracle Players and their Futures

Fort Myers Miracle catcher Matt Koch hustles to first base Wednesday against the Palm Beach Cardinals at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers.
Maybe you haven't heard of Miracle catcher Matt Koch.
He's having a pretty nice season thus far.

The Minnesota Twins are in a state of flux. Their pitching is (or will be) below league average. They haven't had a third baseman stick since Corey Koskie, middle infield has been a revolving door of below average players, and unfortunately Justin Morneau's future as a Twins player is very much uncertain.

What are currently weaknesses for the Twins hopefully can be opportunities for several Miracle players. Twins fans hope -- often even with desperation -- that Miguel Sano can stick at third base. If his defense is even league average, that would be wonderful. I'm optimistic: I believe that he is a very good athlete, and I believe he's willing to take instruction and criticism. Also, he won't be 20 years old until Saturday. In other words, there's time for Sano to learn. And as I previously wrote, Twins fans also hope that Eddie Rosario can fill that second base position for years to come. Finally, tonight's hero (thus far) DJ Baxendale, should continue to advance through the system.

Importantly, however, there are many other interesting players on this 2013 Miracle team with potential: Kennys Vargas, Matt Koch, Adrian Salcedo, Corey Williams, Jason Wheeler, and others, have the ability to advance up the Twins' system. Although Sano and Rosario might sell the most jerseys this season, they likely won't be the only Miracle players to someday wear a Twins jersey.

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