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Monday, May 6, 2013

Why I Love Minor League Baseball

This isn't a sales pitch for Miracle Baseball games. I've never been to one, and I'm not on the Miracle payroll; I have a real, non-baseball job, and I just blog for fun. But I have been to probably 40 minor league games in the past 2+ years, compared to only 4 or so major league games.

And I, hands-down, prefer minor league games. I don't have kids, but I don't know how your typical American "family of 4" affords a major league game. Between tickets, parking, and even just hot dogs and soda, you're looking at well over $100. Get ready to fork over a lot more if you want a good view, or if you want to enjoy a beer with that hot dog.

I love minor league baseball because families can enjoy high-quality baseball and still have money in the bank. I love minor league baseball because you can talk to players before and after the games -- players that in another year or two may be Major League All-Stars. I love minor league baseball because it's easy to root for they guys as they go up the system. And I love minor league baseball because, for under $15, I can sit above my team's dugout and enjoy a perfect view of a ballgame.

The other great part of MiLB games are promotions. Almost every game offers something, whether it's bobbleheads, discounted tickets, or happy hour evenings -- the Rock Cats do their happy hours on Thursday evenings. Here's the link to the Miracle's 2013 promotions. If you can't find something interesting or fun on this list, you probably are not a baseball fan. If you haven't been, I encourage you to check out your "local" minor league team -- wherever that is, and whatever their affiliation.

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  1. I grew up into baseball fan-dom through a Rookie League town in Montana. Half-a-mile from the house, where I could hear the PA on a quiet night and see the fireworks on the weekend, and truly loved it.

    Added bonus, when I moved to Minnesota and Jose Offerman was briefly on the roster I sat near the Twins dugout, held up my Great Falls Dodgers hat and watched him do a massive double take at the sight of it.