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Monday, May 6, 2013

Eddie Rosario: Getting it Done

Fort Myers Miracle outfielder Eddie Rosario waits to bat during a game against the Palm Beach Cardinals at Hammond Stadium.
Eddie Rosario bats for the Miracle.
Courtesy of Terry Allen Williams,
Eddie Rosario is only 21 years old. He began in the Twins' system as an outfielder, but is in the process of being converted to a second baseman. If you don't follow the Twins, here's the abbreviated story: the Twins don't need outfielders in the same way that they need middle infielders. For Rosario, his quickest shot to the majors is if he can stick at second base.

How has he done this year? Offensively, very very well. Going into tonight's game, he's hitting .339/.371/.521 with 2 doubles, 3 triples, 3 home runs and 20 RBIs. He has 22 Ks to only 7 walks, so it would be nice to see his eye at the plate improve -- and his on-base percentage increase as a result. But that should come with age and another several hundred plate appearances in the minor leagues.

His defense has been much improved. After having 15 errors in 67 games at second base last season in Low-A Beloit, he has 2 errors in 29 games this season. Perfection? No. But improvement at a higher level of play: absolutely.

Let me re-emphasize that Rosario is ONLY 21 YEARS OLD. He will not be 22 until the end of September.  If Rosario continues to exceed expectations and improve his defense, there's no reason he can't start 2014 at AA. And from there, as Terry Ryan has repeatedly said about Rock Cats top prospects, their advancement is in their hands.

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